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Savannah Magnolia

Discounted Misprints (12" x16" Size)

Discounted Misprints (12" x16" Size)

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Large 12" x 16" size prints that have slight imperfections due to minor printing errors

The overall image is still the same great quality on the same cold press paper; however, there may be small ink dots or a smudge in a location on the print. Rather than tossing these, I wanted to offer these prints at a discounted rate.

The discount amount (off the $95 original price) is proportional to the amount of minor errors on the print. Please take a look closely at the detail images to see the imperfections. 

1. Brain Matter Print 12" x 16" - small pink ink dots across the lower half of the print and border

2. Inflammation Print 12.25" x 16.25" - printed at a slight wrong size (.25" larger) with one small white smudge on the tan chest

3. Brain Matter Print 12" x 16" - small ink dots only on the top right border

4. Inflammation Print 12" x 16" - one red ink dot on the tan chest and very minuscule ink dots on the lower left border

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